General information

The registration fees listed are per participant and include the following:

• Transfer by bus from a collection point in Madrid City to Congress Venue in Miraflores de la Sierra, and vice versa

• Access to the 3-day scientific and experiential programme (all scientific activities included)

• Full board accommodation including:

•  All meals: Friday welcome drink and dinner, Saturday breakfast, coffee break lunch and dinner, Sunday breakfast and farewell drink.

•  Private single room with private bathroom

•  Free WiFi available

• Teaching materials

• Certificate of Participation

Registration fee payment can be made either by PayPal or credit card. (1)

On-site registration in cash will be available with late registration fees applied.

(1) If you wish other payment method (e,g. wire transfer) please contact us by e-mail to (in this case transaction expenses are paid by the participant).

Organising Committee

Luis de Rivera

Luis Hernández

Helena Hernández

Leonor de Rivera-Monterrey

Hilda Gomes de Matos

Victoria de Bernardo

Scientific Committee

Heinrich Wallnöfer

Luis de Rivera

Luis Hernández

Marilla Malugani

Miguel Ángel Santed

Carlos Mur de Víu

José Luis Gonzalez-Mora

Luciano Palladino


Alessandro Bargnani

Psychologist Psychotherapist, Expert in Intensive Dynamic Psychotherapy ISTDP. Sports Psychologist, monitors high level athletes and teams. Director and Professor of the CISSPAT Master in Sports Psychology.

Laura Borgialli

Psychologist and psychotherapist trained in Argentina, Turkey and Italy. Master in Bionomic Autogenic Psychotherapy and member of ICSAT as psychotherapist of Superior Autogenic Training. She works at the Bionomia Center in Moncalieri (Turin).

Luis de Rivera

Professor of Psychiatry, President of ISATAP, Doctor of Medicine, Specialist in Psychiatry by the Royal College of Physicians of Canada, by the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science and by the Medical Council of the United Kingdom. He was trained in the Psychiatry and Psychoanalysis Program at McGill University.

Eduardo Gómez-Utrero

Doctor Specialist in Clinical Neurophysiology. Expert in Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue. He works at Regional Health Service of Madrid (SERMAS).

José Luis González Mora

Professor of Physiology, Director of the Magnetic Resonance Service for Biomedical Research (SRMIBM), University of La Laguna, Tenerife.

Luis Hernández

Doctor of Medicine, Specialist in Occupational Medicine, Diploma Superior in Psychotherapy UAM, Expert in Therapies ASCI-UAM, Diploma in Autogenic Psychotherapy level 3 ICAT. Psychotherapist at the Psychotherapy Institute of Madrid, Secretary General of ISATAP.

Carlos Mur de Víu

President of the Spanish Society of Psychosomatic Medicine.

Scientific Coordinator of the Mental Health Strategy of the Ministry of Health. Government of Spain.

José María Poveda

Professor of Medical Psychology and Director of the Laboratory of Human Life Cycle, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM).

Miguel Ángel Santed

Dean of the Faculty of Psychology of UNED University. President of the Conference of Deans of Faculties of Psychology of Spain.

Programme / Programa

Friday, 15 June / Viernes 15

15:30  – Welcome Drink / Bebida de bienvenida

16:00 –  Opening Address

Carta de apertura

Heinrich Wallnöfer

16:30 – Round Table: The Scope of Autogenics

Mesa: El alcance de Autogenics

Luis Hernández

Moderator / Moderador

Miguel Ángel Santed

States of Consciousness,

Mindfulness and Emotions

Estados de conciencia,

Mindfulness y emociones – Carlos Mur

Autogenic Therapy and Psychosomatic Disorders

Terapia  Autógena y Trastornos psicosomáticos

18:00 – Workshop: The New Autogenics

Taller: El nuevo Autogenics

Luis de Rivera

    • Self-hipnosis vs Meditation
    • Relaxation vs Self discovery
    • The ASCI principle and the Ideoplastic principle
    • Somatosensory Meditation
    • The new thermoregulation formula
    • Autohipnsis vs Meditación
    • Relajación vs Autodescubrimiento
    • Los principios ASCI e Ideoplástico
    • Meditación somatosensorial
    • La nueva fórmula de termorregulación

21:00 Working Dinner / Cena de trabajo

Saturday, 16 June / Sábado 16

9:00 – Working breakfast / Desayuno de trabajo

10:00 – Workshop: States of Consciousness and Virtual Reality

Taller: Estados de conciencia y realidad virtual

José María Poveda

11:30 – Workshop: Bionomic-Autogenic

Psychotherapy and Autogenic Analysis

Taller: Psicoterapia Bionómica-Autógena y Analisis Autógeno

Laura Borgialli

13:00 – Autogenic Training in Sports

Entrenamiento Autógeno  en el deporte

Alessandro Bargnani

14:00 – Working Lunch / Comida de trabajo

15:00 – Workshop: Measuring the Autogenic State

Taller: Medir el estado autógeno

Luis Hernandez, Eduardo Gómez-Utrero

16:00 – Workshop: Neurobiology of the Autogenic State and functional Magnetic Resonance

Taller: Neurobiología del estado autógeno y RNMf

José Luis González Mora

17:00 – Workshop: Autogenic Cardiac Coherence

Taller: Coherencia Cardiaca Autógena

Luis Hernández

  • The feeling heart
  • The new heart formula
  • The control mechanisms of the
    neurovegetative system
  • El corazón sintiente
  • La nueva fórmula del corazón
  • Los mecanismos de control del sistema neurovegetativo

18:30 Coffe Break / Pausa – Café

19:00 Workshop: Feeling Meditation

Taller: La Meditación en el sentimiento

Luis de Rivera

    • A new neutralization method
    • From emotion to feeling
    • The reason of the beast
    • Experiential practice
    • Un nuevo método de neutralización
    • De las emociones a los sentimientos
    • La razón de la bestia
    • Experiencia práctica

21:30 Working Dinner / Cena de trabajo

Sunday, 17 June / Domingo 17

9:00 Working breakfast / Desayuno de trabajo

10:00 Summing up of the experience

General discussion, conclusions, proposals and projects
Resumen de la experiencia

Debate, conclusiones, propuestas y proyectos

12:00 ISATAP General Assembly

Asamblea General de ISATAP

13:30 Farewell Drink (copa de vino español)

Bebida de despedida

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